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Gitignore in VSCode

July 25, 2019

This week I published an article about automating the creation of a LICENSE file for GIT in VSCODE. I wanted to consider the same…

License file for GIT

July 23, 2019

So, you create an Open Source project and published it to GitHub . But you realize you forgot to create a LICENSE file when you created…

Kill Blocked Ports

July 22, 2019

So you are working hard on your new Gatsby site and fire up the development server. FAIL! . You are presented with the console error…

Sticky Brake Hoods

May 17, 2017

So, as I mentioned in my opening article , I hadn't ridden my bike in over fifteen years. Both of my bikes remained in unheated or air…

Beginning Again

May 11, 2017

So it begins ... or beginning again. In a galaxy far, far away ... or way back in 1989, at the age of 27 years old or in cycle terms, old…